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PureForm (Formation Gas)

Achieving high-quality glass products by minimizing impurities in the forming, welding process

While performing welding operations in pipelines, the atmospheric gases inside pipe may lead to oxide formation inside pipes inner surface, which is not acceptable at all for application area like food manufacturing & pharma. Essence’s Pureform eliminates all these problems and ensure cleanliness up to your desired standard.

Gases play an important role in the forming of float glass, where a nitrogen/hydrogen atmosphere is used to avoid oxidation of the glass tin and minimise the tin count in the glass. The success of forming hinges on consistent delivery of your selected ratio and volume flow (e.g. 95% N2 / 5% H2) and on a secure supply of high-purity gases (N2 5.0 and H2 3.0).

The float glass forming process also relies on sulfur dioxide. This is injected near the transitional roll desk to improve the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the glass surface and extend the life of the rollers.

We can help ensure the success of your float glass production line with reliable supplies of nitrogen and hydrogen in the required purity levels, complementing this with cost-effective, safe and reliable flow control equipment for optimum results.

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