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Our Organization

Essence Industrial Gases Limited is now one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases, equipment & welding consumables in Bangladesh having its head office located at Gulshan, Dhaka. It has its gas filling

Plant at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka. Essence industrial gases limited is driven by the strategy of providing efficient services, ensuring safe environment, achieving sustainable competitive advantage with a vision to be the leader in producing & supplying industrial gases with the help of experienced personnel, novel thinking, maintaining consistent customer relations. All these in combination result into an excellent output/product. And this has been well reflected in market within a very short time by achieving customers’ reliability from all segments.

The Inception

ESSENCE INDUSTRIAL GASES started its industrial gases business by supplying argon gas only since middle of 2015. But, very soon essence took very bold initiative to expand its product line and now it has started supplying various types of industrial gases, analytical laboratory gases and other cryogenic accessories. Essence’s current product portfolio consists of the air gases like Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium and Mixture Gases, Analytical Grade Gases, Calibration Gases, Specialty Gases, Cryogenic Accessories, Gas Based Solutions And Related Services. Unlike other companies in Bangladesh of this category, essence’s supply ranges also include Cryogenic Accessories Like Tank, Tanker, Pump, Vaporizer, Pipe Lining Etc.


Our Vision

We will become the most efficient, reliable and innovative organization in supplying and manufacturing of Cryogenic Gases.

At ESSENCE, peoples are motivated and driven by a set of principles and belief system that enable them to be emerging with the unique solution for customers, give them the mindset to maintain systems to execute procedures efficiently. Eventually, the customers finally get an excellent output. Besides this, peoples at ESSENCE, always have a passion to excel with new innovative ideas for our customers & implementing new cryogenic applications that add values for customers.

All of our business activities are centered around our customers and for this, we are admired everywhere by our customers. ESSENCE is now a name of a great reliability to the customers.

Why Will Customer Prefer ESSENCE?

  • 100% customer focused business organization
  • .We provides the best solutions for our customer, rather maximizing the profit.
  • Strong local capability backed by the global association with the leading companies.
  • Outstanding track records in supplying gases with the highest level of service standard.
  • 100% safety compliance.
  • Experienced, Dynamic & Efficient team to ensure the best solutions.
  • We provide out of the box customized solutions for our customers

Our Commitment

For Product Quality

ESSENCE is committed to maintain the product quality consistently.

For Customer Service

ESSENCE is committed to improve the standard of customer service continuously. Peoples at ESSENCE always hold the customers’ needs by heart, which keeps the service standard propelling upward.

For Safety And Environment

ESSENCE is fully committed to protect people, environment and property from any potential harm from our business activities. We strongly believe that “SAFE WAY IS THE ONLY WAY”

Our Strengths

Customer Centered Organization

Each and every business activity at ESSENCE starts by listening to the needs of our customers with a greater insight, collecting enough information of customers’ process, identifying their areas of pain. With all of these we design and implement the best solutions for our customers in light of our long experience in this industry.

Our People

Our peoples at ESSENCE are driven by a set of principles and belief system, which eliminates any inhibiting factors to utilize their capability to their best potentiality. The stimulating factors at ESSENCE inspires our peoples in such a way that a strong sense of ownership, integrity and passion for achieving the excellence drive them all the way to come up with innovative, out of the box the solutions for our customers.

Global Technology & Strong Local Capability

With strong local capabilities backed by global technology, ESSENCE provides products, facilities and turnkey services and solutions which are customized to meet the unique needs of our customers and add value to their businesses.

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