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ASHRAE Number R-134a R134a
Physical Properties :
Formula CH2FCF3
Component HFCs
Composition Molecular mass% 102
 Normal Boiling Point ºC -26.0
Critical Temperature ºC 101.0
Critical Pressure atm 40.0
Liquid Speci­fic Heat 30°C (kJ/kg-K) 1.46
Vapour Speci­fic Heat 30°C & 1 atm (kJ/kg-K) 0.88
Heat of Vaporization at Boiling point (kJ/kg) 216
Flammability Non-Flammable
Ozone Depletion Potential 0
Global Warming Potential 1430
Packing Type                         Disposable cylinder
Refrigerant Net Weight kg/cylinder                           13.6KG

Automotive air conditioning, chillers, medium temperature commercial refrigeration, refrigeration appliances, dehumidifier, and transport refrigeration

Quality: AHRI Standard 700-2017
ASHRAE Safety Group A1
Purity %                             ≥ 99.94
Moisture Level ppm                               <10
  • Disposable Cylinder
  • Refillable Cylinders
  • Tonners
  • ISO Tanks

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