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Nitrogen gas is a versatile and important industrial gas with a wide range of applications. It is available in a variety of purity grades and supply options to meet the needs of different industries.

Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that makes up about 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is an inert gas, meaning that it does not react readily with other elements or compounds. This makes it a useful gas for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Nitrogen gas is used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Food and beverage: Nitrogen gas is used to package and preserve food, as it displaces oxygen and prevents spoilage. It is also used to carbonate drinks, such as beer and soda.
  • Metal fabrication: Nitrogen gas is used as a shielding gas in welding and cutting operations to protect the metal from oxidation and contamination.
  • Oil and gas: Nitrogen gas is used to pressurize oil and gas wells and to transport oil and gas through pipelines. It is also used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to increase the amount of oil that can be extracted from a reservoir.
  • Chemicals and plastics: Nitrogen gas is used in the production of a variety of chemicals and plastics, such as ammonia, fertilizers, and plastics.
  • Electronics: Nitrogen gas is used to clean and protect electronic components.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Nitrogen gas is used in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products.
  • Firefighting: Nitrogen gas is used as a fire extinguishing agent because it displaces oxygen and suffocates the fire.

Nitrogen gas is used in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Food and beverage: food processing, packaging, brewing, beverage production
  • Metal fabrication: welding, cutting, heat treatment
  • Oil and gas: drilling, production, transportation, refining
  • Chemicals and plastics: fertilizer production, plastics manufacturing, chemical production
  • Electronics: semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly
  • Pharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging
  • Firefighting: fire departments, industrial facilities

Nitrogen gas is available in a variety of purity grades, depending on the application. The most common purity grades are:

  • Food grade: 99.9% purity
  • Industrial grade: 99.5% purity
  • Ultra high purity (UHP): 99.999% purity

UHP nitrogen is required for some applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing and medical devices.

Nitrogen gas is typically supplied in cylinders, bulk tanks, and liquid tankers. The most appropriate supply option depends on the volume of nitrogen required and the application.

  • Cylinders: Cylinders are the most common way to supply nitrogen for small-volume applications. They are available in a variety of sizes and purity grades.
  • Bulk tanks: Bulk tanks are a good option for medium- to large-volume applications. They can be installed on-site and refilled by a gas supplier.
  • Liquid tankers: Liquid tankers are used to supply nitrogen for very large-volume applications, such as EOR projects and chemical plants.
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