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 PlasmaSupply for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) units for analyzing non-organic materials
Specimen PreparationPreparation of some specimens prior to testing
Cold TrapsLiquid nitrogen is used in a cold trap to capture impurities in a gaseous line.
Metabolic GasesProcess Requirement, Performance, Reliability
InertingInerting of chemicals in tanks and in transport
Cooling of Exothermic ReactionCooling chemical reactions in a jacketed reactor.
Vapor RecoveryRecovery of volatile vapors from processes by cooling the vapor to below its boiling temperature and turning it to liquid, them recovering the liquid.
Pipe freezingLiquid nitrogen is put through custom jackets on the outside of a pipeline to freeze the liquid inside and create a plug.  These plugs are located on either side of a break to stop flow so the line may be serviced.
Vacuum BreakingGas is used to break vacuums in reactor tanks to prevent oxygen from contaminating the chemical
Crystal GrowthUsed as an inert atmosphere for silicon crystal growth
CleaningNitrogen is used to clean the surfaces of fiber optic strands prior to connecting to one another
SolderingICB (Interconnecting Circuit Boards) are soldered under a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent oxygen contamination
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVP)Used in manufacturing crystal wafer of semiconducting materials
Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapor DepositionUsed in manufacturing carbon nano-tubes
ProductionHigher purity hydrogen has a lower gas viscosity and density which improves cooling efficiency and Reduces friction losses and increases generator output
ProductionCost-effective and reliable means to decrease NOx emissions
Bio Fuel (Hydrogen Assisted Power generation)Using Hydrogen reduces fuel consumption and pollutants
SpargingSparging non-carbonated drinks with nitrogen to remove dissolved oxygen
PressurizingPressurizing of non-carbonated beverages in aluminum cans
InjectionWastewater pH adjustment of discharge cleaning water
DeboningDeboning of beef and/or chicken by cooling the meat on the bone to embrittlement temperature and fracturing off
Sausage CoolingCooling sausage blending operation so fat does not liquefy.
Batch CoolingBatch cooling of ground beef, pork or poultry to retain fat content.
Cryo-GrindingCryogenic grinding of high oil content or difficult to grind spices
Extrusion CoolingCooling of extruded foods to increase production
Pneumatic CoolingLiquid nitrogen is injected into a bulk products transfer line to cool products such as flour.
Mold CoolingCooling of molded candy and gum for quick release from mold
LIN DosingHigh quality PET bottle manufacturing by dropping Liquid Nitrogen
Cryogenic FreezingFast freezing of shrimp, fish and meat with Liquid Nitrogen to retain best possible quality with reduced moisture loss and fast cooling time
Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)Using gases mixture customized for different perishable food products to extend their shelf life.
Cryogenic Refrigeration (Transport)Cryogenic Refrigeration system for transportation of food products ensures accuracy in uniform low temperature distribution with minimum maintenance at reduced fuel cost.
Reactor & Fluid Cooling Chemical Synthesis, Process Development, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Lyophilization / Freeze Drying Sterile, Vaccines, Process Development & Manufacturing
Vent-gas Recovery Environmental Compliance, Cost Reduction
Fermentation Productivity, Yield
Vulcanization-Tires (Tire Curing) Vulcanization is a curing process that makes natural and synthetic rubber harder and more wear resistant.
Body – Combustion Combustion processes use oxygen to melt scrap, refine the steel, and heat the furnaces that reheat steel slabs.
Body – Heat Treating Heat treating processes use hydrogen and nitrogen in annealing furnaces to strengthen and improve formability of the steel. We offer hydrogen in non-micro bulk form.
Body – Welding Welding processes use argon for steel.
Body – Heat Treating, Welding & Combustion Welding processes use carbon dioxide for auto bodies.
Oxy-Fuel (in Glass Melting) Oxy-Fuel Conversion of Glass Furnaces
Oxy-Fuel (Glass Forming) Oxy-Fuel impart the finest finishing after forming
Oxy-Fuel (in Clinker Manufacturing) Oxy-Fuel Enhanced combustion in kiln will ensure the best fuel economy and cleaner emission
Welding Most commonly used shielding gas, and is the only truly inert gas commonly used in welding.
Welding CO2 decomposes to CO and O2 at welding temperatures, producing an oxidizing effect similar to a combination of argon plus 0-5% O2.
Welding O2 is added to shielding gas, where it helps produce a more stable arc, improves wetting of the weld edges and reduces weld spattering.
Heat Treating Nitrogen-based protective atmosphere for their furnaces.
Heat Treating Atmospheres may be blended with small quantities reactive gases such as hydrogen.
Injection Molding (Plastic) Nitrogen assisted injection molding enhances finishing quality of plastic products and also reduces the cycle time
Spot Cooling (Plastic) Liquid CO2 assisted spot cooling offers attaining the best possible quality and operational flexibility
Alkaline Extraction (Pulp and Paper) Reinforcement of O2 enables manufacturers Increasing the bleaching effect and decreasing the chemicals which results in large savings of Chlorine Dioxide and operational flexibility
Delignification (pulp and paper) Oxygen assisted delignification enables attaining the highest brightness and lower chemical consumption
Surface Treatment by Thermal Spray This noble art of surface coating ensures best attainable coating quality
Ground Freezing (Construction) Soil-freezing with LIN has become a standard procedure for treating unstable soil and groundwater control.
Concrete Cooling (Construction) Ensures uniform temperature distribution during concrete cooling eliminating the possibility of internal crack.
ProductionUsed to inert hydrocarbon systems
ProductionOxygen is used inside refineries to enhance combustion processes
Sulfur recoveryAdding O2 in Clause Plant for improving Sulfur Recovery
Catalyst RegenerationO2 enriched combustion for quicker catalyst regeneration
TreatmentRespiration of the micro-organisms that convert organic wastes into harmless carbon dioxide and water
TreatmentAllows much more accurate pH control than any acid system
Oxygen Enrichment in Fish Cultivating waterThis application helps maintaining the right BOD level precisely which ensures fish production at its optimum level.
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